You came with an approval from another region: how funerals are deceiving customers

A story from a real person who came interesting approval for the signing of a loan agreement

I really needed money to restore the car. I decided to sit at the computer and send online applications for receiving

The cost of such a procedure is 2 000 rubles

I was delighted, immediately agreed, I did not feel any trick. A minute after the call, SMS came with details, where it was necessary to translate 2,000 rubles. Naturally, no one came to me on this day and no other to me and the number called me, I could not contact anyone.

What you need to know, so as not to get into a similar situation to the usual client

First, you need to understand that respect

· View the directory on the official page

· Carefully familiarize yourself with the credit firm site: how much experience in the market, are there any details, whether the photos are provided

· View on the forums that they write and how people about the company speak, ask the acquaintances. If the firm has earned a loyal reputation, then you will hear only good words.

Be extremely vigilant!


Check the name of the company