Where best to store savings.

I would like to note that 2020 is a difficult year in terms of economic development. Many people have lost their jobs, others have lost a significant part of their income.

If we argue with colossal, then the situation is currently unstable. Oil prices fell, the dollar grows and the prices of electronics and other goods that we are all so accustomed to buy from it.

As a result, the central banks of many countries moved to the policy «cheap money

This is a decrease in the key rate, and this, in turn, the percentage of interest accrual for loans and deposits.

The key rate is currently about 4 percent, which means that on the deposit that you put at the expense you will get very little.

Banks promise a bid from 7% to deposits, but in fact this indicator will be about 2-3% per year, since the inflation rate is growing.

Storage of money on a bank account under% is not the best solution in our unstable situation.

On the other hand, if you keep money in the «bank» at home, they will definitely impair.

So, where to store your savings and accumulation?


If, with the usual contribution, the borrower is a bank, then the main borrower is a state. This ensures reliability and profitability of about 6-8% per year.

Attachment in bonds is not the easiest way, but if you figure it out, there is nothing difficult in it, there is guarantees and confidence that money will not impair!

Investment in gold

Gold began its height from March 2020 and grows so far. Having invested your savings in gold you save your money.

Investment in currency.

The dollar currency is a very influential and developed country worldwide.

We hope our tips will help keep your funds in the near future.

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