What should I do if you have nothing to pay a loan?

After a pandemic and a significant drop in the standard of living, many have fallen in spirit and lost a significant part of their income

Part of those employed lost work, the other part suffered as a result of a salary reduction.

The absolute majority left one on one with loans or loans. The situation does not seem hopeless — if you fulfill the correct algorithm of actions. Do not panic, but take advantage of other banking products.

We tell what options are available to the debtor. Immediately make a reservation — there are no hopeless situations!

The essence of the product is that the bank or microfinance company tolerate loan payments with a deferment of 6-12 months. At the same time, the client pays only the interest rate, without the body of the loan.


Pay attention, the peak of payments will have to complete the credit holidays. The way is not the best, but it makes it possible to save a credit history without postpone.

In contrast to the previous option, it implies a complete stop of payments. Even with percentage of body loan. Can be used when repaying a urgent loan. Banks willingly work with this product — provided that the client documented its financial situation.

Getting a loan or loan that will be aimed at full debt repayment. In this case, the client continues to pay, but the amount of financing will give the opportunity to prejudge some time from the credit load.

Do not reject this way!

Credit holidays and delay seem to be a good option, but their big minus is excessively large payments after the expiration of the preferential loan period. Refinancing smoothes unpleasant angles and evenly distributes a debt burden for the entire loan period (or increases the period).

Banks without problems are taken for refinancing if the debtor will provide additional support for the amount of financing.

Little trick:

You can not move to another bank — it is enough just to notify your bank that you are looking for such an opportunity. We assure bank employees will find the opportunity to keep you. On condition:

The debt can be repayed by counter execution. For example, the lender can write off part of the loan in exchange for the provided asset. The bank will appreciate it and will take on debt repayment. Commandably reducing the load paid obligations. You can bring the debt to restructure several borrower loans.

Conclusion: Anyone can take advantage of the above methods and come out even from a difficult situation. The main condition is not to go into deaf defense. Even when it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is not visible. Communicate with the bank, search for ways out of a dead end. Do not spoil your credit history, not to make yourself a list of unreliable customers — this is the main task of the client.

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