What is mortgage lending

Having your own apartment or the house wishes almost every person. After life in one apartment with parents and carefree student studies in the hostel there is a completely natural desire to acquire their corner. It is worth considering that the purchasing power of the population is not allowed to purchase real estate, paying at once the entire cost.

There are two all options: further live in removable apartments and pay money for it, or come to the bank office and apply for registration

What is the mortgage?


In addition, loan in the form of a mortgage can be used on other purposes, for example, it can be a consumer loan for a large amount with a pledge of property. Cash resources issued can be sent to the organization of repair or purchase of furniture and technology. But in our article we will consider the usual type of mortgage.

Characteristic features of a mortgage loan

Mortgage is primarily the type of ensuring the execution of the loan agreement.

As the role of the mortgage subject, the property is always performed (house, apartment, townhouse, land and other).

The property of the loan is always in its property. But at the same time, without the consent of the bank, the borrower will not be able to produce any action with property.

A common equal level of interest rate at the mortgage loan does not exist. Each bank sets a bid at its discretion, you just need to decide where you will be credited. To not spend a lot of time searching for decent conditions and creditor, you can contact the brokerage agency

Mortgage can arrange a citizen with any

The state has provided special mortgage loans on a preferential basis. You can read more about such a program and other mortgage loans on the site.