Urgent loan with approval despite debts and delay

It is worth recognizing that at the modern pace of life, those loans that quickly take and are repaid quickly with the greatest relevance.

Microcredit or express loans

If you have decided to take advantage

Haton Credit has reliable partners, thanks to which many customers received loans on comfortable and individual conditions. We can contact those customers who have a bad credit history or not the opportunity to show a wage certificate from the place of employment.

Why express lending?

This is a way to solve financial problems in a short period of time such as the payment of therapeutic procedures, the product of the payment on the urgent repair of the car and so on.

Many credit and financial institutions offer an acceptable percentage of such a loan.

As practice shows,

You do not need to spend strength and time to collect and form documents, our brokerage specialists are engaged in all paper fiber.

Terms of express loan are as follows:

The interest rate value is 6.9%;

The amount of the loan amount is 10 million rubles;

Time to make a decision by the bank — 1 hour;

Our approach to the process of issuing a microloan:

We do not need prepayment with you and any advances for our services. While we do not fulfill your request, we do not need to pay anything.

Do not worry if you do not have the opportunity to show your income. Hatoncredit Thanks to Scoring Ball, it identifies the current level of customer solvency without payroll.

Age framework of a potential borrower — 20-85 years;

If you have debt obligations and real no payments, we can still go to meet and sign a contract for express lending to you.