The relevance of credit holidays, who can get them

So, in this article we will try to deal with who can claim the program «Credit Vacation» and what is their essence?

At first


It should be noted that many customers who have taken credit resources from credit and financial companies and, unfortunately, have fallen into a difficult life situation (the yield and solvency fell due to the consequences of the dissemination of COVID-19) can count on supporting banking firms.

The main and basic abstracts that you need to know about the work mechanism of the credit holiday service in 2020

If you have contradicts to come to the bank to a specialist and ask for your credit holidays, you need to know the following:

Vacation of the loan and vacation

The right not to pay

For different types of loans, appropriate limits are established in terms of sums, in turn, which determine the procedure for using a preferential period.

Credit delay on consumer loans and overdraft cards are provided subject to the average client earnings

During the period of use, credit holidays will continue to accrue daily interest for using the loan. Just now anything terrible if you pay a little later. According to consumer loans and credit cards, the rate level will be 2/3 of the average market prices.

Fact using credit holidays is fixed in the history of your credit dossier.