The reasons for increasing the popularity of «banknotes» in Russia became known

Citizens of Russia began to actively contact banking organizations in order to issue a contract for the use of credit cards. Such behavior of the population can be explained by the action of deferred needs during restrictive measures in the state due to the consequences of coronavirus.

July 2020.

68 %

This situation can be observed in large banking structures of Russia. The data is confirmed by representatives

According to experts, Russian citizens at the moment begin to realize the benefits of use

What is the convenience of a credit card for people

The indisputable advantage of credit cards for Russians was that it is not necessary to contact the money to lend money, or wait for the salary. The credit card is always at hand and can help when you need to urgently purchase something, but there is no money.

Some customers take credit cards just in case, suddenly the «black day» and their money will simply won’t be. That is, the use of its own funds is not borrowed.

Population attitude to credit cards

Economists note that in Russia there is not quite the right attitude towards credit cards. If the people will use the people in foreign countries with credit cards only in a severe life situation, then in Russia so far banknotes are equal to the usual consumer loan.