The population of the Russian Federation shows interest in easy income due to the stock market

The low level of deposit rates and a decrease in the valuation of securities led to the interest of investors to the Russian market. Managing organizations recorded an increase in the size of the asset for a pandemic period by about 70%. According to the analysis of the Moscow Exchange, the number of investors will be equal

What influenced the appearance of attention from some investors?

Situation with a Pandemic COVID-19.

Reducing the cost of oil.


20 %

25,6 %

37,8 %

What is surprising, a sharp decline in the securities market did not provoke the outflow of customers, and on the contrary, increased the demand for investment.



Types of securities

Enterprises always try to find a way to attract equity capital, for example, by issuing a certain amount of shares.


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In June 2020

Recommendations Investors for autumn 2020

To all those who would like to insert into securities should be very attentive and not to make quick rapid action. According to experts, it is better to get out of

Why is it also worth not hurry in the implementation of investments?

Therefore, the main thing is to be able to competently