The population of Belarus patually bumps currency

Belarusians have become one of the main burders of foreign currency within the state. How can this affect lending

We will analyze who generally usually buys and sells currency

Enterprises, organizations (residents);



The National Bank of the State systematically conducts analysis and statistics on the one who and how much does foreign currency buy. Currently a leading position occupy a leading position.

Going through numbers

July 2020.

2.789 billion US dollars

10,9 %

98 billion dollars

Over the past few months, financial and economic changes have actively happened in Belarus. In addition to

Back in March of this year, experts advised Belarusians that it is best to take care of their accumulations in dollars or euros, they also advised to diversify their investments, that is, not worth investing on dollars or put on the contribution to dollars. It makes sense to have different paths of investments.

Is there a population of Belarus with loans

According to financial analysts, during the unstable situation in the country, when it is not clear that there will be tomorrow with a dollar course, not worth


If the business holder has uninterrupted production and maintains revenue and profitability at the proper level, he should not worry about whether he can


Regarding the population, here you can say the same. In order to conclude a loan agreement in the bank and follow the points of the contract, it is necessary to be absolutely confident that the creditor’s salary will remain the same and the place of work will be saved. But it is worth a confession that the global crisis has not bypassed Belarus, and currency «jumps» occur as one of the confirmations.


Do not hurry with the decision to take a loan, when there is no stability in the state economy.