The National Bank of Belarus requires that banks cease to overestimate interest on loans

National Bank is indignant due to the behavior of banking organizations that exhibit

The NB RB continues to lead the war with unscrupulous financial institutions that neglect the current legislation when concluding loan agreements with borrowers.

How does the monitoring of banks of Belarus

The National Bank of Belarus periodically conducts selectively checking several banks and looks at how correctly they perform their work. After the last inspection, the main regulator of the country found out that banking firms do not adhere properly legislation in organizing issuing credit resources to customers.

Among other things, the NB RB studied in detail how representatives of banks «punish» problem ardities, and specifically — how the interest rate increases and how to use

What are the results of such checks

After the representatives of the National Bank made an inspection of the quality of the banking system, all Belarusian banks received

Increase the percentage unfairly, the contract is absolutely insignificant!

National Bank persistently reminds banks that increase the amount of interest

There are such banks that are not quietly increasing the percentage, and on the contrary, an open letter makes a borrower offer to conclude a loan agreement, in one of which their right will be enshrined.

In that case, the percentage can rise

· The client did not make monthly contributions according to the schedule;

· Did not make the provision specified under the contract;

· The borrower gained the status of a client with an unreliable reputation.

The National Bank emphasizes that the forcerage of people sign this kind of contract is again ignoring