The Government of the Russian Federation introduces the obligation to confiscate income received illegally

The Ministry of Finance of Russia decided to seriously engage in confiscation of suspicious and no confirmed cash savings of Russians.

For notes!

In order not to risk, repaid the law and not to receive money in an illegal way, you can simply be issued in a credit and financial organization

The Government has the following questions:

· What organizations will be engaged in this;

· With what mark the amount of funds should fall under special control;

· What will the monitoring mechanism itself be.

If you find illegal savings from a citizen where then will they go?

The Ministry of Finance proposed to make some changes in


The Ministry of Finance will conduct a strict verification of the contributions of citizens who were made in

Civil Code

As the deputies say that such a bill will most likely work closer towards the end of this year. So far, for this period of time, the property is withdrawn from which there is no evidence of the legality of its presence, and it is not clear what kind of money it was bought.

Who exactly can check and confiscation of property

The Constitutional Court at the end of 2019 clearly marked the position that not only the authorities and their close, but also the rest of the country will fall under checking. Regarding officials, for them is a special

The overwhelming part of the fractions approved the proposal to conduct verification of the accuracy of the income received and confiscated if the cash and property were illegal. The government supported this initiative, as concerned about the state of the FIU, where the deficit is observed lately.

One very tangible way