The first lending program with the pledge of cryptocurrencies was signed in Russia


As the entrepreneur said, Waves will be used in the future, and the tokens put on sale does not make much sense, but they also should not just lie down, but are obliged to work and benefit.

Head of Legal Department

July 31 2020

The main advantage

The document describes in detail the description of such phenomena as cryptochege, mining, cryptocurrency and so on. The new legal document speaks of the possibility of Bitcoland’s existence, on the right of its purchase, sale. But there are serious restrictions: it is impossible to buy anything or exchange or exchange with the help of such assets.

Now, it can be said that the specialists of information platforms, according to which the Central Bank of Russia leads the registry, will be able to buy, sell cryptocurrency, as well as its release within the state. Subjects participating in the market can produce cryptocurrency turns, as well as put it on sale.


The signed legislative act does not allow permission to pay such currency of goods or services in Russia.

At the moment, the law does not regulate and control the currency in digital format. Therefore, a separate bill will be released, work on which will begin in the fall of this year.