The bank put too much fine.

Disprinstized fine can be challenged through a credit organization or court.


The client of the banking firm issued a loan agreement for the amount


The question arises as follows: Does the maximum permissible limit of penalties in the bank exist, or can any fines of the credit institution be exhibiting?

The law states that penalties can be placed in a two-way amount of debt, but only if the contract with the Bank was for a period of less than 1 year.

In this example, the client received

If the penalty was more permissible value, the client could require the bank to recalculate the amount of recovery. If the bank ignored the claims of the loan, then in this case it is appropriate to contact the judicial authorities to further solve the situation. Here you will need orally or writing the arguments that can prove your rightness.

What the court looks at the borrower when handling a borrower

· The ratio of the amount of the penalty to the debt;

· As far as the client has not paid credit payments;

· Rate ratio to the credit rate;

· The failure of the creditor in the issue of accrual of penalties;

· This financial position of the creditor;

· The incommodation of the actions of the Bank for recovery;

· Does the debtor have a non-working husband (wife), a minor child.