Russian citizens threaten mass default on loans

After the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in Russia, financial analysts made a forecast for the fact that the whole population would expect a big

Will we wait for the massive growth of overdue loans and the unemployed population in the fall of 2020?

It can be said that, on the basis of the experience of experienced economic crises, the highest point of the graph of the problem

No one denies the problems with work and wages appeared in most of the citizens, and, therefore, the risk of a large-scale appearance of problem loans appeared. But due to the fact that officials had a timely response to what was happening, the proceedings on loans in financial institutions are in acceptable values and does not affect the functioning of organizations.

Due to the pandemic, not all borrowers will be able to make payments again as in schedule. Firstly, the borrower worked in which industry, and how to quickly recover the activities of the company after the cancellation regimes of self-insulation, and secondly, it is not known how long it will be necessary to expect when earnings will again become stable.

In 2015, there was a mass default in Russia. At that time

It can be concluded that the Russians are lucky:

It is also worth emphasizing that