Russian banks are planning to issue loans through an ATM

Russian banks plan to launch the possibility of obtaining funds to loan immediately in the ATM device.



Existing credit and financial institutions;

Those customers who were not previously serviced in the organization, but had the opportunity to have identification by means of a biometry system.

At the moment, credit organizations are issued by the implementation of similar software. Representatives of the house. RF declare that they plan to organize a service in which credit responses will be able to submit loan applications to obtain funds through an ATM, as well as through a mobile application or by courier.

In 2021.

In early 2020

Where testing is used



Let’s talk about the principle of operation of the system itself

March 2018

The system will be located on the cloud infrastructure in Rostelecom. To such a platform, credit and financial institutions will have access through the designated channels. All biometric platform information will be protected and transmitted using cryptoalgorithms.

200 million rubles.