Registration of a mortgage agreement for cottage from 4.5%

Interest in accommodation outside the city is almost every city dweller, because there are always fresh air and there is no gaspace. If you want to have our own cottage for a long time, but there is no sufficient number of your money to such a purchase, it makes sense to contact the banking institution and get acquainted with credit products.

In this article we will look at the design

Haton Credit Brokerage Services will help make an application for borrowed funds from the best financial institutions. The main advantage is the mortgage amount of the monthly payment, which will not complicate your life and will not shake the financial situation.

What are the conditions for mortgage on the cottage

· 4.5% — bid

· 300 million rubles — loan amount

· Deadline for the issuance of mortgage — 1 working day

What is the main advantages in Haton Credit

It should be noted that the prices for construction and cottages are constantly higher. In general, it is quite difficult to find the most appropriate

Most of the population postpones cash to ever buy a certain property of real estate. It is important to understand that inflation may reduce the solvency of your savings on

You can competently plan your finances. Before you put your signature, in the mortgage agreement, you will definitely show a schedule on monthly payments to debt repayment. This will help to conduct a family budget spending plan.

There is no need to remove the residential premises and give money to some kind of property owner. Instead, you can not «throw money to the wind», and with the mind to invest in your future and acquire your cottage already.

You can at any time