Refinancing loans.

Simple and very common situation. The client took a mortgage in one bank, with a percentage rate of 11%. Another bank, suggests a similar product with an interest rate of 8%. For the 10 years of the contract, the savings from the transition would be almost half a million rubles. The amount is quite large to acquire new furniture and furnish the entire apartment.

Refinancing reduces the debt burden on the current product. A permanent thread reduction trend makes it possible to switch to conditions, much more profitable. Banks are struggling for customers who differ in solvency, punctual deposits and reliability. Play on customer side. Provided if they have a net credit history and it is possible to issue a new product.

The first way.

The second way.


Banks offer to refinance not only a mortgage. You can reduce loans made by cash. Provided if the contract has a marker about early termination. The client makes a new loan, comes with an old (valid) and pays a reduced interest rate. The condition applies to other loans — for example, buying a car. It is best to refinance the loan at the end of the year — when the current insurance products of CASCO and autocarted responsibility expire.

Product Conditions allow you to refinance even lease. In this case, the bank simply redeems the car and sets the deposit on it.

Did you refinance your credit products and how much do you pay now? ?

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