Reducing a monthly payment for consumer loan for 1 working day


You do not need to worry that we can ask about how much you get income, where we work at the moment, and how long. Thanks to a specially developed client analysis system at the level of solvency

You have never had credits and experience paying cash contributions, or have already been loans, but you did not have time to fulfill our debt obligations strictly within the deadline? Well,

If it happened so that you already have a loan agreement, but for some individual circumstances it is difficult for you to pay it, as before, we can help you. Thanks to the refinancing program, all your current treaties, that is, there may be more than one, it will be possible

Renewal loan

What does it mean? You have one or more lending contracts. You come to us at Haton Credit, and our refinancing specialists reissue credit accounts. How does this happen:

You will learn a relevant amount for the full closure of the loan debt, we compile a new loan agreement accordingly.

Old borrowing agreements with the help of new loans ahead of schedule and use the new loan.

The refinancing rate is always much smaller than you had before, it contributes to a significant reduction in your financial burden per month.

The company also may increase the credit period, thereby further reduce the amount of monthly contributions.

Refinancing conditions

· The rate for the service is 6.9%;

· Limit lending amount — up to 18 million rubles;

· Deadline for the granting of borrowed funds up to 1 working day;

· Permissible interval by age: 20 — 85 years;

· Any state of credit dossier;

· There may be extensive arrears.