Problems of Russian banks in Belarus

A large number of Belarusian customers of banking organizations faced the problem to remove cash with cash from their card or from the current account and make a payment.

From August 9, in the Republic of Belarus there were difficulties in order to use the services of the Internet, and this led to the fact that card holders cannot produce any transactions, including paying the payment by

Experts put forward the assumption that Russian banks are interested in the development of their business in Belarus, therefore, in the case of which, will definitely provide certain support to their Belarusian daughters.

Russian banks in Belarus

In the Republic of Belarus operate their activities and provide services to the population several banking firms that are associated with the Russian state:


From June 15, 2020, Belgazprombank is temporarily under the leadership of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus due to the initiation of a number of criminal cases on the former bank employees.

The above banks are actively offering their services to citizens of the country, and these are deposits, salary projects, insurance programs,

Opinion analysts

Risks increased significantly due to the intense situation due to political disagreements within Belarus. The key point was the Day of State

It is worth noting, the international relations of Belarus with the European Union aggravated, which decided to warn the government about possible sanctions. This situation increases the likelihood that the limitation of financial resources may arise, and this, in turn, will lead to the fact that the Republic of Belarus will have to receive

If it happens that the Russian subsidiary banks will need support from Russian shareholders, this will certainly lead to forced costs from the RF banks.