Overdraft for business for 5 days

This type of lending as

Overdraft is not a strictly target loan. It can be spent absolutely for any purpose.

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What is overdraft

Overdraft funds are translated solely on the debit bank card (salaries or any other). The period of providing a loan is from

As the bank determines how much the customer is issued by cash overdraft money

Everything is very simple! Everything defines a businessman card, more precisely, its turnover. The overdraft size is always equal to real monetary receipts on this credit card card. Overdraft money can be used as much as possible.

Overdraft debt is repaid in automatic mode: the borrower replenished the card or money just entered the card account, immediately debt debt. The interest rate is slightly higher than the rates on ordinary consumer loans and banknotes.

Can I somehow return money without paying interest?

Yes. Such an opportunity is available and cans often use banks in their products.

The so-called Grace period.

Pluses overdraft

No need to open a special credit card and make a fee for its release and service.

Technical overdraft in

There is no need to remember the date to repay the loan debt, as the debt is automatically written independently.

There is practically no overpayment if you return borrowed resources on time.

Decision on issuing an overdraft for business in time can last