Mortgage with state aid in the amount of 300 million rubles with a decrease in monthly payment

So that as many citizens can have their living space, the state is trying to develop new design projects every year.

In other words, the citizen has the opportunity to get an apartment or a house on preferential terms. But in order not to suffer doubts about what can be deceived and your rights will not be protected, it is best to immediately appeal for services


State Mortgage Program

In general, why do I need government support to a potential lender?

First of all, the purchase of your home or apartment becomes real for those for whom it was almost impossible. All unprotected categories of society receive the right on the on-line with everyone to make a mortgage amount on the housing like. The loan rate is largely reduced, to be accurate, it is

It’s important to know! Mortgage with state support can be aimed at buying a housing in new homes, as well as carrying out the dedication of the already existing mortgage loan.

What are the conditions for mortgages with state support

· Loan rate starting

· Total loan size equals

· Time to make a decision from the Bank to sign a mortgage agreement —

· In individual cases, you can ask you to reduce the interest rate on

Consider what requirements are presented to potential borrowers under the State Mortgage Program

The age interval of the lender is 18-85 years.

Citizenship should belong to the Russian Federation.

With yourself, it is imperative to have a personal passport and reduss.

A complete list of necessary papers is compiled as a banking product design and can be adjusted with Haton Credit credit expert.

What is the main amenities in collaboration with the financial broker Haton Credit