Mortgage rates continue to be cheaper

Banks of Russia continue to reduce the cost

What is happening right now with the activity of sales of mortgage loans

The issuance of money on the purchase of property returned to the pre-crisis indicators.

Why people are so actively interested in mortgage lending

In April

Banks continued to reduce the value of mortgages and mortgage loans refinancing programs

The Bank of Russia reduced the key rate level (from July 26, 4.25% is equal), and this respectively reduced the cost of loans in all banks.

Bets may be cheaper and further

Forbes magazine


The main goal of reducing value

What you need to take a mortgage

If you have come to the decision to make a mortgage and finally get to your corner, then you have to contact the Agent Brokerage company «Haton Credit». Here approve almost all customers. We just need to take a passport with you and SNILS.


Before you decide to go to the office, first go to the Haton Credit website. There is a credit calculator for which you can estimate which monthly payments on one or another loan amounts can be. You can also see the contact phone number of the firm for which you can call and get answers to all exciting questions.