Mortgage on non-residential property under 4.5%

Registration of the mortgage loan to buy a specific real estate object is one of the standard procedures for most Russians.

But still, when the question is about real estate

We can conclude:

Mortgage on non-residential property. What is it?

If you have come to the opinion that you need to urgently conclude a contract for the provision of a mortgage loan of non-residential premises, then should be aware of what, as a rule, banking organizations try to tighten the requirements and rules for issuing such loans. Consider a number of the most common provisions:

The period of action of the loan agreement on the mortgage may amount to several years,

Lending to non-residential property is possible for individuals if they are:

a. IP;

b. Owners of their business;

c. Are managers;

d. Participated by major shareholders.

The entrepreneur must have

The address of the State Registration of the Loan-Fielder, if possible, should be relatively close to the non-residential object of real estate.


· Load rate —

· Mortgage amount no more

· Term for consideration of the loan application —

· We can individually reduce the value of the bet

· To make an application, you need to bring with you only

· Our company does not ask with you documents with which it would be necessary to confirm your prosperity and the fact of availability

· No matter what your credit history is now.

To obtain such a mortgage, the bidder will have to provide the details of its banking current account in advance, where the bank could already list the required amount of funds, according to the mortgage agreement.

Important! Such a loan you can get exclusively in national currency. In dollars or euro, such a type of loan will not work out.

If there are past non-risk credit accounts or other financial unresolved problems, for example, debts before the state, utilities, etc., loans for a mortgage for non-residential premises are also impossible.

An important condition for credit and financial organizations in the preparation of a mortgage agreement is that the bidder can provide as a collaterally acquired property. Thus, the lender wants to make sure the solvency of the potential loans. In the financial broker, Haton Credit such requirements cannot be installed.