Mortgage loans with maternal capital

Life becomes completely different when children appear. If you used to make a room before renting and crammed with other tenants, now it’s not a completely acceptable situation with the child.

An excellent option in this situation will be the design

Let’s consider what the essence of the loan offer

First of all, we’ll figure it out what the maternity capital is

Maternal capital

· Education of the younger child;

· On the accumulative part of pension payments to the name of the mother;

· Repair and construction of an apartment (at home);

· Buying your real estate object.

The method of obtaining a mortgage loan with maternal capital is the same if you compare it with a standard product on the mortgage. The only difference is that the Maternity Capital certificate will be provided as a monetary fee.

It is necessary to take into account the moment that when applying for a bank to receive a mortgage loan may arise their difficulties:

What are the most «problem» credit powers

· A client who is unable to show a document on his official employment;

· Citizens without reference to pay for wages and other income;

· Borrowers with an insufficient level of income;

· Customers of banking organizations who have a credit dossier has negative records;

· Persons who have outless delay in credit accounts.

If you approach at least one of the above categories, you are unlikely to make a mortgage agreement with the use of maternal capital. But this does not mean that you can not do anything.

Conditions for making mortgage with maternal capital in Haton Credit

· Interest rate from

· The loan amount is no more

· The term of consideration and decisions on the signing of a loan agreement —

· You can reduce the interest rate on

· With you, you can take only 2 documents:

Requirements for a potential mortgage borrower

· Age starting from 18 years to 85 years;

· The presence of Russian citizenship.

What we can also offer

No need to pay for our brokerage services. If we did not help you in fact to conclude an agreement with the Mortgage Bank, this means that we did not cope with our work and our services can be considered absolutely free.

You have the right not to sign a mortgage insurance contract. Because of this you can save