Mortgage loan for the whole family, despite the current delay to 4 months

Public Management Bodies Recently, closely took up the issue of the improvement of citizens, and in particular, themes of their own housing among Russians.

For example, there are several banks in the country that are ready to offer a credit program called

This is a good way to acquire your living space and not to give your own accumulation of the owner’s wrong apartment. Simple lending conditions for borrowers make it so that this product becomes affordable among almost all segments of the population.

In order not to spend a bunch of personal time on the connectors to different banks in order to find the appropriate Mortgage option — you can seek professional advice to

What is the feature of the mortgage loan

Family mortgage. This is a banking product that appeared relatively recently and has the support of the state. Mortgage loan provides for establishing

This provision acts exactly 5 years, and then the percentage increases to the bet that operated on that date when the contract was signed (with adding two percentage points). But if in the family of customers for 5 years, another birth of a child will be held, then the rate of 4.5% will remain in place for 8 years.

It should be noted that such a form of mortgage lending for young citizens who only entered into marriage and decided to create a family, very beneficial, as it makes it possible not only to calmly give birth to children, but also with confidence to acquire their real estate. But in order to find a reliable and honest lender, who can be signed by a mortgage agreement for a young family will have to spend a large amount of time:

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What is the obvious advantage of cooperation with Haton Credit

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