Mortgage lending without a requirement to confirm the source of income

The apartment question is always an urgent topic for citizens in our state. Many young families can not afford to purchase desired square meters and instead they have to use under one roof with relatives, or to give part of the salary for renting a housing. How to get out of such a situation?

There is a good solution — contact staff of the financial agency for the selection of reliable creditors —

The main advantages to conclude a cooperation agreement with Haton Credit

With us you can get a mortgage on the first day of appeal and submit a lending application:

How to determine the mortgage agreement?

You don’t need to think about it! Haton Credit credit brokers will help to figure out what period of lending in your individual case will be more suitable. The time of use and repayment of the mortgage amount may vary from several years to several tens.

The huge plus is that

The most important and certainly pleasant is to get an apartment here and now,

What can I do in the apartment until you pay for her debt?

· Prescribe any residents;

· Do repair work;

· Make redevelopment;

· To rent.

What are the conditions that Haton Credit on Mortgage without incorporate income

· Interest rate begins

· Maximum permissible loan size —

· Period of consideration of the application —

· Without a requirement to provide an income certificate

· Do not make a document that you are working somewhere

· The credit history of the borrower can be any: zero, positive or even bad.

What can be useful for Haton Credit

Very fast time consideration of the application and competent selection of the lender. We have

It is possible to apply for several creditors at once. And this means an increase in chances to get approval and conclude a mortgage agreement today.

The professional approach of Haton Credit workers will help reduce the risk of refusal to a minimum. We work even with those citizens who have no work, bad entries in a credit dossier and an insufficient level of income.

Our clients receive a loan with the most favorable conditions: a reduced rate, a convenient debt repayment period, a loyal policy of cooperation.

The absence of any hidden commissions. Work is carried out transparent and honest.