Mortgage lending with a rate of 4.5% without the need to confirm income

Haton Credit has been engaged in brokerage work for a long time, thanks to which many customers were able to use services for obtaining loans, and many banking companies attracted a greater number of borrowers.

There is no need to run at different addresses and collect pieces that would confirm your willingness to take a loan and all the seriousness of your configuration to ensure it. Nothing to do this!

Thanks to the modern approach and upgraded software, Haton Credit has developed a credit response solvency analyzing system by a special scoring ball. With this tool, we can identify how much the client can cope with monthly loan contributions.

· Interest rate — 4.5%

· The credit amount is determined by the object of real estate;

· The term of consideration and decision on the application for mortgage lending — 1 day


Why through Haton Credit is to apply for a mortgage

We are working absolutely with all borrowers, even with a corrupted credit history.

No need to make a certificate of income and confirmed the fact of availability.

We have the opportunity to assist even those who have no work. Such customers also have the right to receive mortgage lending.

The percentage of applications with a positive response to the mortgage is almost 100%.

Throughout the process of registration, collection of documents, preparation of securities, the financial expert is located next to you and responds to all exciting questions, explains incomprehensible moments. Do not be afraid to ask an extra question: Specify all the details.

Before you come to us at the address, take a passport with you.

Our team will help you get the opportunity to issue a preferential mortgage.