Mortgage credit lending.

In order to get a mortgage loan, you must have a permanent income, that is, work officially.

Low bets and differ from consumer loans, everyone aims to ensure that the purchase of housing is available.

Already after full repayment, the burden and the apartment passes to the owner’s property.

In our country, the state does not disregard this issue and goes to some support measures.

Developed several programs that contribute to the help of mortgage borrowers.

The state program includes support for families with children, thus the bet decreases a few percent, that is, the family pays interest on the loan, and the state reimburses a part of the amount of payments. This program applies to new housing (new buildings).

The use of maternal capital as an initial contribution or to pay the principal debt on the mortgage loan. Maternal capital can be spent on improving housing conditions, many families do this. The only thing is to highlight the shares of children and before redeeming the means of maternal capital. In the FIU, it is necessary to provide an obligation to allocate a share that means that after repaying the loan you must allocate a share in real estate to your children. You can make such an obligation at the notary.

For families with three or more children, the state has developed another type of social support, after the birth of a third child, you can count on the rescue from the state in the amount of 450,000 rubles. With these money, you can repay a part of the debt and percent of the mortgage loan.

This type of care is provided only for families with three or more children, the program has been working since 2019 and is financed annually.

Get the tax deduction. This can be done immediately after buying housing. You can do it, both on the spouse and on the spouse. The total amount can reach up to 520,000 rubles. You can also return tax annually from the percentage paid, the maximum amount can reach up to 780,000 rubles, and this is a good amount!

Refinancing a loan if you took a high-rate loan, for example, 7-8 years ago, when the minimum rate was 13% per annum, and the maximum reached up to 16%, then you can refinance your mortgage loan on more favorable terms at a rate 6.5 percent per annum. This will allow you to save on monthly payments, and also faster to pay off debt to the bank.

There are additional support measures, we have led the most common, and do not require any costs and forces.