Minstroy promises to make lending to low profitability projects

Minstroy decided to consider the problem of incorporate loan agreements.

Vladimir Yakushev Minister of Construction and Housing and Commellents said the following:

The Minister said that in certain subjects, the difference between the size of the cost of 1 square meters. The meter of the housing facility under construction and the cost of selling is less than 15%. This situation contributes to creating problems for developers, as they are not able to get

The Minister noted that measures are thought out, thanks to which it would be possible to support such projects.

I would like to emphasize that the problem of a low profitability indicator of developers concerns not only individual projects, but also has a regional character. If you do not provide state support in places where developers really need it, the construction of real estate can simply stop.

1 billion rubles.

To whom the program is intended

The program is aimed at helping projects for the construction of real estate objects, the value of which does not exceed

If the project of the developer began to wear status