Make a loan with approval and without visiting the bank

The lack of one’s own money for certain purposes is a frequent problem from a modern person. In order not to seek someone who could lend you money, will be a good option

Now banks and other credit and financial institutions have developed such loans programs, thanks to which customers can not leave the house and enter into a loan agreement in a remote format.

This type of loan is very convenient,





· The rate is set in size

· The amount that the bank may not exceed

· The time for thinking by the bank of your candidacy for issuing money is

· No strict requirement to bring a certificate of s / n

· No need to show official employment documents

· We cancel compulsory insurance or refund money for insurance contract

What are the main advantages of client cooperation with the Brokerage Agency Haton Credit? What will the borrower get for himself? Let’s try to list the main theses:

The company may give an accurate guarantee that as a rule, absolutely all customers will be able to sign a loan agreement for themselves. Failures are reduced to almost zero.

If it happens that after all, after consideration of the credit application, the refusal came, then our specialists always try to figure out and understand that it was precisely the reason for such a decision. If you came to your own in the bank and you would have refused, then no one had ever said to you, on what basis it was just such a decision. Our company is interested in how to help your client.

We are developing a schedule for repaying the main debt for each borrower individually, according to which you will be most convenient to pay and this will not strain financially.

You will have the right to choose the best credit offer among all available, that is, among all positive answers from different banks you can see, compare and choose which lending option will be most profitable for you.

You will receive savings of financial resources up to 30% of the credit amount due to the refusal of mandatory insurance.

We all over the time of registration and receipt of funds in the Bank provide informational support.

Haton Credit brokerage services agency performs its work mainly, given the wishes of potential borrowers. Each client will be able to truly trust the financial employee, which is not worth doing with a bank specialist who often pursues the goal just to fulfill its work plan.

The main principle and landmark of the organization Haton Credit — the welfare of the borrower, in connection with this, our main task makes the best life of the client to us.