Lukashenko reported the negative consequences of universal strikes

Lukashenko tries to warn the people about irreversible consequences

According to President A. G. Lukashenko strikes, which are now actively occurring can take advantage of competitors — and this

Enterprises of Belarus who are brave


Engineering enterprises.

According to Alexander Grigorievich, in the state there is a large-scale attempt to «splint» the mood of workers.

Because of mass strikes and rallies, the country can economically leave. That is why when the COVID-19 coronair pandemic flared up, Lukashenko set the condition to employers by no means to leave people without work and not throw everyone into the street.

Here is another list of organizations that have entered the strike: Bellase, MTZ, Grodno Nitrogen, Belles, Grodnozhilstroy and many others.

While passing mass workers workers shouting:

Such «Rasks» can lead to global losses in the economy, the enterprises simply will not be able to respond their

What people want

An employee of one of the factories told what people want, why they are brave:

· Termination of violence and beating citizens;

· Clean and transparent elections;

· Retreat of riot police from settlements.

Plants, factories and marketmen also joined strikes

The key day in Belarus passed on August 9th. The announcement of the CEC on the preliminary result of the vote, where A. G. Lukashenko won became the catalyst for the rebellion and disagreement of the people. Many citizens do not support the results of the elections and believe that the numbers are compassionated and falsified. The representative of the opposition Tikhanovskaya Svetlana (a candidate for elections) filed a complaint.

As soon as the sites were closed and the results of mass protests began in the cities around the country. In the capital, riot police used special means for suppressing rebellion, including water homes, tear gas and light grenades.