Loans for pensioners not older than 85 years under a low percentage without sure

The Brokerage Company Haton Credit is engaged in the provision of mediation services between credit and financial organizations and citizens. Anyone can apply for professional help directly to the office at the address.

Credit Treaty for Pensioners with Haton Credit

Our organization drew attention to people who are already in the moonful age. The fact is that it is this interlayer of society is the least protected. Such people try to deceive any scammers and simply unscrupful swelling. In order not to risk, it is better to leave a request on the site

What receives a pensioner

Potential borrowers will not need to spend their personal time to defend the turn and be able to talk with a banking institution manager, which in turn will only be thought about how to sell a loan and make your work plan.

There is no need to drown in a pile of financial and legal terms that are prescribed in the contract. For a person who is not aware and has no appropriate education, such an information burden will only reduce the vigilance and clear thinking.

People who have retired, do not have to get upset and worry, listening to not argued refusals from credit institutions.


Pensioners may have a negative credit dossier and a small level of own income.

There is a large list of those banks with which there are no one year and that will never be supplied.

Together with you will be a table with dates and the size of a monthly payment for a loan and will understand how the percentage is charged.

The loan will have a minimum rate if possible.

Before you call for our office, you will need to take with you only