Loan secured room for 3 hours

The need for cash may arise at the most inopportune moment when their own money and savings will miss. In this case, there are options where to turn, it can be

As for banking institutions, they are far from each client may approve a loan application and issue the necessary amount. If you have a small level of wages, or you can not even show a certificate of income — then you will not definitely not sign an agreement on providing loan resources. But the same one cannot say about those citizens who have an object of real estate in their property. Receive

Credit conditions for the security of the room

· The proposed interest rate is 7%;

· Possible lending limit — 50 million rubles;

· The period of time that will be needed to identify the decision about whether you will become a bank client — 3 hours.

What can offer Haton Credit borrowers

· The amount of the credited amount of money can be about 96% of the cost of the room in market orientations;

· You can have a delay in previous loans or current debt obligations that you have not been able to fulfill for any reason;

· There is no strict requirement to show the fact of profit on paper;

· We do not put the condition to write down citizens from the real estate object that already have their own residence in the room.

· We have signed a partnership agreement with rating banks: Sberbank, Gazprombank, VTB, Alpha Bank and others.

What requirements the borrower will have to correspond to:

· Age should be at least 21 years old, but not older than 65 years;

· Russian citizenship;

· Take a personal passport with you, SNILS, a certificate that the client has property rights to the object of real estate, or an extract from EGRN.

In Haton Credit, a lender in the right to make a choice, which way to organize my own

· Receiving funds from the bank;

· Getting a loan from the investment organization.

If you firmly decided that you will take a loan, we can offer you the following option of simple actions:

Fill out an application on the website of Haton Credit.


Signing the contract in the office.

Get money on hand.

Pay us for our work.