Loan by 15 million rubles with a pledge of cars for 1 day

Lending to the provision of mortgage property is to date the phenomenon is very common. Thanks to this type of loan, a person can solve all his financial troubles at once, and it is worth noting that the approval for a loan can hear those who in the past received refusal from banks.

And the main reason in such a loyal relationship from the league in the fact that to provide borrowed funds Paul is much more profitable, because as a guarantee, the bank will receive a deposit in the form of a car. The high degree of approval is one of the main obvious advantages of such lending, but far from the only one.

If you browse the statistics of customers who are referred to in credit and financial institutions to make a lending agreement with the key to their personal car, then such transactions becomes more and more. As a rule, the opinion and user reviews about such a loan are positive. Moscow and the Moscow region are leading to conclude transactions for issuing loans with a pledge of cars


IMPORTANT! The size of the loan that the bank will be ready to give you to be able to form only after the full assessment of the current status and the appearance of your car.

The greatest attractiveness are cars that are foreign production with a period of operation on average from 5 to 8 years.


The size of the loan varies from the actual state of the car, but does not exceed 95% of its real value.

The Haton Credit financial agency also works with clients who have previously been overdue loan payments, in other words, we will not look, in what condition you have a credit history now. We can also provide you with the opportunity when issuing a loan to refuse to enter into an insurance contract, which will make you a significant savings in the amount of 30% of the total loan.