Lending to 22 million rubles with existing debts

It happens the life situation in such a way that a person already has certain debts behind the shoulders, and urgently need to take another loan. But, as a rule, such clients who have not committed debt obligations before anyone are not attractive customers for lenders.

So what to do when the loan is needed, and there are still debts?

For example, a citizen is necessary


There are only two available options, how to enter the client with debts:

Conditions that are willing to offer potential Haton Credit borrowers under the program «Big Loans»

· Bet under the loan agreement from 6.2%

· Permissible lending volume — 22 million rubles

· Time to make a decision — 1 hour

· Age interval: 20 — 85 years


The company is ready to offer free detailed advice on all issues of loans. By phone, which can be found on the website Haton Credit, it is possible to contact the credit expert and consult on this or that matter. You can also analyze your credit history on the portal (also for free), send a credit application for