Lending secured by real estate, features of its design

If you understand that your own money is not enough to implement certain plans, it makes sense to apply to a credit and financial organization.

In the banking institution there is a set limit, that is, a permissible limit of financial resources, which can issue a loan to the loan. The limit is determined on the basis of the previous agreements with the banking company. In the event that a citizen is needed in urgency money and in large volume, it is possible

Let’s figure out what is the loan secured by real estate.

Cash secured by the property

In this case, the client signs the contract from the banking specialist, and leaves its property object. As soon as the loan will cope with the repayment of the entire amount of debt and interest on it, real estate will automatically return back to the citizen’s property. Otherwise, the property object goes into account by a banking firm. That is, in this situation, the lender puts the property for sale to rescue a certain amount of funds that uses the loan debt as repayment.

Consider possible conditions under which the bank can issue a loan with a pledge of a real estate. What are their main differences:

· Credit Consumer needs is usually drawn up, as a rule,

· The volume of borrowed funds is directly determined from the policy of the credit organization, often it is an average of

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Feed and drawing up an application for a loan secured by real estate

In 2019-2020, borrowers received the right to submit a credit application with only two ways — to contact a bank specialist or fill in the columns

Loan secured by the immovable object can be decorated without a targeted purpose.

Where can I make a lending contract on the security of an immovable object?

There are only two options where the borrower can make a request for a loan with the provision of real estate as a mortgage subject —

As for banking institutions, then the interest policy is much more loyal: the value of rates

What is worth paying close attention!

Consider what risks can carry lending on the security of the property.

Important! A loan without a targeted purpose is the money amount obtained with the provision of a collateral of the real estate object, which will be spent at their discretion. Before putting a signature under such a loan, it is necessary to clearly weigh all your financial capabilities and assess the risks.

How is the process of registration of a loan with the provision of pledge?

Before you get funds secured by real estate, you need to study all lending conditions. The main thing is that the presence of its own real estate. What basic requirements are exhibiting creditors to potential borrowers:

· Russian citizenship;

· The presence of registration within the territory of the state;

· Age restrictions: at least 18, but it is better to give the creditor for 21 years. At the time of closing the loan amount, the client should not be more than 65 years;

· Having a place of employment. Some representatives of the banking system make the requirement that the loan will have a working experience of at least six months, and somewhere a year.

· Availability of certificate of payroll. This indicator gives the creditor to the warranty that the client will be able to repay the main debt and interest on it.

It is worth noting that not all citizens who will answer all the requirements from the bank will be so easy to conclude a loan agreement with the pledge of real estate. Banking organizations with great attention relate to such categories of borrowers as:





What are the requirements for real estate requirements?

Here are some requirements that banks are exposed to real estate objects:

The sewage system must be installed, carrying cold hot water, heating.

If the client wants to issue a loan with a deposit and in the form of a real estate object can not provide an apartment or a house, and the townhouse or apartment it will need to further see the requirements before submitting the necessary documents.

It may be interesting! Bank representatives pay attention to what foundation. It can be concrete, stone or brick. Required sewage, electricity, heating and bathrooms.

List of mandatory documents

To compile an application for a loan with a mortgage subject, a bid collector collects a number of documents. As a rule, these are references that would confirm the fact of ownership. For example, an extract from EGRN and the indication of the name of the owner.

What makes a package of documents:

· Personal passport;

· marriage contract;

· Snols;

· Passport, if available;

· driver’s license;

· Help on the conduct of housing assessment in order to determine its level of value;

· Help about the income received.

If the loan is in marital relations, then you will need a written agreement of the spouse (spouse) for the provision of housing as a mortgage subject.

You need to know! Once you have issued and collected all the necessary paper immediately go to the bank, since some documents have a limited action (up to one month).

What is the essence of the registration of a lending contract

The banking specialist will carefully check all the documents, their date and correctness of filling. If everything is in order, the chance to receive approval to provide a loan will be big. But also the Bank may ask for additional actions. For example, to go to Rosreestr, together with a bank employee to register the transaction itself.

Rosreestr, in turn, notifies his decision

The final stage.