Lending for medium-sized businesses up to 500 million rubles without going to the bank

When it comes to the successful activity of some enterprise, it is worth understanding that

To get such a loan without difficulties with which you will probably come across in banking organizations, it makes sense to contact brokerage companies.


· The rate begins with a mark

· Bid can be reduced (everything is individually)

· Maximum amount of funds that the brokerage agency can issue —

· Material resources can be obtained on the development of the business LLC, IP

· The loan can also be provided to those legal entities that only started their activities

Application for issuance

That is very convenient, so this is what loan can spend

What is the requirements of the Bank when issuing funds for a loan for medium-sized businesses

The age of the company must be at least 21 years, and not more than 65 years.

Citizenship should be Russian.

It is necessary to provide your passport and SNILS.

The indisputable advantage of our team is that you have the right not to enter into a credit insurance contract, with what makes money saving in