Is the lender obliged to tell the borrower, which sold all the debt collector service?

We will analyze the real case

Family with two children, a wife on maternity leave, the husband does not surrender salary at work due to the reduction of the company’s budget. Passes 4 months as a family can not make a payment on

After some time, the collectors begin to call and demand that now payments on the loan be made precisely on their agency’s account. At the same time, no other information and details are reported by the employee.

In this case, should a document be provided, where would the fact of the transfer of accounts of the accounts of another organization would be indicated?

Banking Company or Collector Service is obliged to send

It happens that the letter comes simply from the new credit organization that the assignment of rights to

If you have never seen the cessias, then details on the payment of the loan agreement can be considered, will remain the same until you provide the necessary documents that would confirm the fact of the assignment.

How are the collectors become participants in debt recovery from the borrower?

Banking organization can either hire collectors using

See carefully what exactly is prescribed in the loan agreement