Interrupted loan loan.

In this article, I will describe you a real story of the life of one banking client, who had to face not very pleasant for everyone.

On Saturday morning, a woman with her child decides to go to the office of the Bank, where there is successfully with the help of highly qualified specialists concludes an apartment purchase and sale agreement,

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MFC is a multifunctional center, essentially a budgetary organization whose work is undergoing for citizens on the principle of «one window».

As soon as the Bank’s client with the child crossed the threshold of his apartment, the call was heard, where she was notified about the refusal by the Bank. The woman came back to the bank and saw that the employee had already prepared all the necessary papers to terminate the transaction. Naturally, the lender did not want to put his signatures!

In short, the investigation was very long time (several months), and it did not give any certain results. The situation has become more complicated by the fact that the seller of the apartment had to accompany because of this

This client tried to file a letter with a complaint

The borrowed book published his complaint

Link to law

p. 1 Art. 821 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation — the Bank has the right to respond to the client, even if the loan documents were already signed.

Talk about the reasons

· There are delay;

· Negative ki;

· Risks due to a mortgage subject;

· Other.

The client who received not a very pleasant experience in collaboration with the bank suggests that experts could pay attention to the fact that once a long time this apartment was planned to arrange a mortgage belonged to her.

Finishing this story, one can say one thing that in any defold, banking organization, any other credit and financial firm should check «from and to» a potential borrower, and making sure that the client is suitable for a number of requirements — to conclude a deal with him. And not after … ..

Therefore, be very attentive and try to be maximized with the Bank’s employees, so that they themselves do not have to accumulate some facts and change so easily solutions.