In Kaliningrad, the client issued a loan of 120 thousand on a deceased relative

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Consider how it could happen that the bank did not notice who had happened

The story turned out quite recently. A resident of Kaliningrad wanted to use the service of a credit and financial organization and obtain borrowed funds for some personal goals. And he decided to do it quite

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After the chairman of the banking company realized that something was wrong here and without the help of the authorities would not work, appealed to the police.

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You can make two outputs:

1) The guy spoiled now completely completely, because of which it will not want to have any affairs both banks and potential employers. The guy could take a loan and on himself. There are special

2) Credit organization. Obviously, in the bank it is necessary to improve the security system and reliability of the data check of the borrower, somehow optimize the software in such a way as to prevent such cases. It turns out that it can take a loan to another person. It threatens the growth of risks and the share of the problem debt, which is certainly not beneficial for any bank.

An article in no case calls to use the same scheme. On the contrary, the purpose of the text is to point out that a citizen must understand that every step it entails his consequences, and the decision in one or another moment directly affects the development of its own future.