In Belarus, a banking system began to suffer due to elections

Because of the elections in the Republic of Belarus, the banking system is forced to harm himself.

Regulation and monitoring program from the government systematically puts pressure on functioning

Banking organizations are interested in placing advertising, but they prohibit it

Representatives of banks are among the largest advertisers among others. Every year they have to invest

In the first half of the year, banks of Belarus spent money over 16 million Belarusian rubles (about 220 thousand dollars). Most of all spend capital to advertise their services

And this is absolutely not surprised, because it is non-state credit and financial institutions that lead the leading places in the ranking of banks by the level of efficiency and profitability. That is, it is possible to make a brave conclusion that the degree of advertising of its bank and the services provided directly affect the interest from potential customers.

But it happens that due to political decisions, banks have to ignore their principles of work and follow

In Belarus, National Bank instructed to commercial banks do not advertise their proposals. For banks, such a recommendation is extremely undesirable.


Financial analysts are confident that the restriction in the right placement of advertising resources entails the contradiction of the internal policies of any bank, as it has a negative impact on the final profit.

As one of the experts spoke, an ill-conceived decision to ban banks, and probably other organizations of publishing advertising in the light of an exacerbated situation of a political nature will affect not the best way to the general picture from the point of view of the investment attractiveness of the state. Therefore, the state should think how strategically this is a competent step and refuse such a solution.