In 2021, citizens will be able to change their credit history

In 2021, the population will have the opportunity to adjust its credit dossier. In this article we will try to figure out which situations the client will be able to affect the quality of ki.

It is known that

What is the content of the new law

Storage time in the BKA credit dossier is reduced:

The absence of any obligations that could be fixed in the BKI (i.e., a citizen has never made himself

The fact of unreliable information in the credit dossier about the client.

How to fix? What will you need?

If it was found that there is an incorrect entry in the BKA, then it is necessary

What other innovations will be in 2021 due to the law?

A new subject will appear, the main function of which to engage in the organization of collecting, transferring and storing information about borrowers. Such an organization will be called

What can be concluded?

If the borrower violated the rules of the loan agreement, because of which KI was spoiled, then the credit dossier will not be changed here, but if the Client found out that the BKA has information that does not comply with this data, this fact will be taken into account and can be carried out Adjustment of information.

What’s the catch

It should be understood that the KBK will bring the role of an informant for banks. And since the information about the potential borrower will enter a more detailed report, get a loan will be even more difficult for citizens than before