I decided to act as a guarantor at the brother, and then I had to pay everything myself

They fell into a difficult situation of a financial nature and do not know how to do it. In this article, we will analyze what you need to take if you have become a guarantor, and it was you who had to pay all the debt and interest under the loan agreement.

How to officially recover funds from a lender when the guarantor is responsible for obligations?

Consider the situation

I have a brother who needed borrowed funds to open an entrepreneurial case. Next, brother found suitable

How were the case

The brother’s business did not go, and then he just disappeared, went somewhere, cut off all the contacts.



How to return money spent or at least part of them?


Let’s return to the situation

If a person who acts as a guarantor pays for

What should I do for this?

To begin with, the guarantor must be made up and file a claim, and then provide confirmation in court of all expenditures that were made due to the payment of debts not on their loan. That is, there must be documents in which the amounts, dates, time and place of the perfect duty repayment operation are recorded. These may be receipts, electronic checks, as well as