How to take a loan of an IP, which just registered

What represents IP

First of all, this is an individual who has decided to engage in entrepreneurial activities, in connection with which the legislative level filed an application for relevant registration.

Lending for IP

Financial broker Haton Credit credits physical, legal entities and IP. For each of all the company has developed its lending programs.

Lending conditions for IP in Haton Credit

Bet for use of borrowed funds



Requirements for a potential lender

Age interval: 21 — 65 years.

Russian citizenship.

Documents with yourself: passport and SNILS.

Where to begin


Loyalty policy to customers in Haton Credit broker

We prefer to work with all customers. What does it mean? If you have ever delayed, you could not in time to make the necessary loan contributions, or at the moment you have problems with work, you were fired or you would not like your certificate about income, you can not worry that you may not worry that We will not want to cooperate with you. Thanks to