How to reorganize a mortgage under the reduced rate of 4.5%?

You already have a mortgage, and you understand that recently it has become difficult to cope with cash payments on the repayment of overall debts.

If this kind of thought is visited, we recommend that you will definitely transform.

How does this happen? That is, you have already housing that you have acquired thanks

Refinancing Mortgage in Haton Credit

A brief list of necessary documents. Personally, the borrower will have to bring with him only

On the first day, the appeal is considered to reduce the loan load on the mortgage:

a. renewal;

b. Reducing the value of the mortgage loan rate

You can increase the volume of lending if necessary.

Adjustment of monthly mandatory contributions.

We consider as potential lenders of people from Moscow, other regions, as well as those who are not lucky and remained without a job.

With your desire, the insurance contract will not subscribe. Such a decision will give

We can refinance new housing and secondary. To navigate the payment and choose the most appropriate loaning offer, you can use special

Simple conditions of the refinancing program Mortgage

Age can be from

Citizenship of the Russian Federation.

The period of action of the loan agreement should not be

The borrower should not be in the presence of current accounts on the microloans.

Lack of overdue payments

On the website of Haton Credit you can leave a refinancing application.