How to refinance 18 million rubles with a decrease in monthly payment

If you are using a loan, you know that the fulfillment of monthly payments to the bank account, which should occur no later than a specific date is an integral part of the lending mechanism, or rather its return.


We will deal with what the reasons are the fact that the reissue of the loan has become necessary:

Increased costs

Wasionland decrease

Reduction at work

You suddenly put in the hospital and much more


Refinancing Conditions in Haton Credit

· Lending rate

· Individually a credit rate can be reduced

· The maximum amount we can

· The time we need to analyze your financial situation and choose a loan —

· It doesn’t matter what at the moment a credit card has a credit history

· Approval may be with existing delay and debt

What is the explicit advantage of execution from financial brokers in Hatoncredit?

You do not need to order a certificate of wages at work.

Do not confirm the fact of employment

The age of a credit card may vary

We will not take payment for our services with you until we help issue refinancing service.

If it did not work out — we can assume that our work was useless and

Haton Credit has only reliable financial institutions in partnership. Thanks to such cooperation, credit applications are considered simultaneously in several banks, which significantly saves your time.