How to reduce the mortgage loan rate by 2.5%?

Mortgage — is a good idea of banks in order to help customers carry out the purchase of real estate object, for example, apartments, land, townhouse, commercial real estate, or just at home.


Why many citizens make a choice in favor of our institution. Let’s try to explain

Citizens who were denied everywhere, referring to once overdue payments and other points in such a spirit can come to us. We do not put a cross on such borrowers. We are convinced that an appropriate loan offer can be selected for each loans, given its current actual financial situation.

We do not ask you to make us reference and other documentation on the facts of your work and receiving any profit. We believe — it is excessive fiber and do not see in this sense. Thanks to modern information technology, you can find out everything in place.

If it happened so that you do not have a job — we will find a mortgage product that will not complicate your financial burden.

You, if you wish, you can make a proposal for the construction program of the real estate.

Haton Credit experts are always aware of topical news and government projects, so you can always try to issue mortgage lending to

Our partners are the best banking representatives.

The client who will already be signed and operate a mortgage agreement will be able to write an application for reducing the interest rate value. Such procedures are considered solely individually.

With a positive response, the client has the ability to reduce the bet

If you are visited by no confidence and doubt what banking company is worth a visit, come to us at Haton Credit and try together with the manager to make an application for the amount of interest. The main plus of the financial intermediary is that your application is simultaneously sent immediately to several banks and is considered in order of priority.