How to reduce interest rates

First of all, you must understand:

Conclusion: Minimize the risks and get profitable

In this article we will disassemble what factors affect the cost of the loan. It is worth considering that each lender puts its individual conditions, so it is necessary to understand that for one credit company you will become the perfect client with a good credit history, and for another, maybe not.

What actions can be taken to reduce the bid under the loan agreement

Of course the first and most important thing

In fact, the meaning of a good credit history is that the loan rate is directly determined by the risk of non-repayment by a creditor of funds. That is, creditors are thus trying to progress. If the client has proven his reliability, then you can make a boring borrower. And great ki is a guarantor for lenders, which in front of them


Help * PDN — creditor debt rate indicator

This is the total amount of payments for all loans and loans that you have in relation to total income. If this indicator becomes

Providing a package of documents

If the Client tries to bring all the necessary documents, as well as the certificate of the wage received and other sources of income, the creditor will not have to spend its time for additional resources. In this case, the risk assessment of the credit fee will be faster, respectively, the credit institution will try to provide the client to the most convenient and interesting conditions for lending.


There is a guarantor — automatic increase in the attractiveness of the client.

Contact the bank where you were given a salary card

For the bank you are already your client and therefore you will be more trusted than a new unfamiliar client. As part of the loyalty program, as a rule, companies offer low interest rates.

Registration of insurance

Insurance contract

Credit with a mortgage subject

Availability of collateral — Loan return guarantor