How to quickly refinance a credit card debt?

Credit cards are very convenient for use and exist in almost every wallet of modern society. Such a banking product is a good monetary solution yet there are no own funds and did not pay the salary.

Thanks to the credit card, you can make purchases by non-cash payments, and financial obligations on it gradually.

But if suddenly it became difficult to pay debt on the map, and you began to understand that your financial situation is unlikely to improve in the coming months, it makes sense to think about conducting the procedure

We give our clients a guarantee that almost every convertible borrower will be assisted in re-issuing an existing overdraft loan. The selection of the most profitable loan option will be selected as soon as possible and the time for the preparation of all necessary documents will take one business day. We will do that you can save your money and save your credit history. Our main principle — the provision of services

What is the main advantages of credit card refinancing

The credit card refinancing agreement is interesting to both a banking institution and the creditor itself. Often, those clients who have had a certain kind of difficulty with the implementation of monthly contributions to repay the debt part of the credit card are resorted to such a bank proposal. Because of this, the borrower comes to the conclusion that it is not ready to further continue negotiable relations with a credit and financial company.

Every year, new proposals are actively emerging in the banking system with more interesting conditions for using credit cards. And continue to pay the former debt on the existing conditions simply makes no sense.

Thanks to the refinancing product in

Reduce a large amount of the required contribution of the monthly payment on the present card.

Transferred credit debts to another banking institution, involving more profitable cooperation at acceptable conditions.


Getting a chance to produce early repayment of debt on the loan without any overpayments.

Consider what conditions will be ready to offer Haton Credit on credit card refinancing

· Bail on the overdraft map is

· Loan amount to

· The period of consideration of the application and the adoption of a positive response is equal to one day.

What requirements are presented to a potential client

Age must be at least 20 years, but not more than 85 years.

The credit fee can have a credit history in any condition: zero, positive, negative.

Approval may come, even if you have delay and there are current debts.

It is not necessary to provide documentary confirmation of the receipt of stable earnings.

The main advantage of Haton Credit for customers

You will be able to abandon insurance contract. We are considered not obligatory. We can also return

If you do not have at the moment work, do not worry. For such borrowers, we also have special credit and refinancing programs. Thanks to the special system