How to quickly reduce the deposit of real estate in the amount of 200 million rubles?

Refinancing the collateral object in the form of real estate is considered one of the best options to obtain material support in cases of necessity.

But what should I do if you pay in accordance with the signed contract as before it does not work, and at the same time other banks begin to set proposals with more convenient conditions?


What is the procedure for refinancing the collateral of the immovable object

So that you can count on a profitable agreement on the reissue of the collateral, it will be necessary to make an appeal to

As a rule, almost 100% of cases

What do you win in the Banking Product Refinancing Properties in Haton Credit?


The refinancing rate is set in

The amount that can be provided to the refinancing company may not exceed

The term of consideration of the submitted refinancing application Rivne

We have the opportunity to increase the time to repay the debt

We can remove the object of real estate to another banking organization with the minimum value of the annual bet.

A borrower may have any credit history.

Do not take premature payment for our work. Until you get the desired, our services can be considered